The Academy of Ideas

The Academy of Ideas was delighted to be able to stage Living Freedom 2018 at CIEE. This, the second edition of the annual three-day residential school for 18-to-25-year-olds, brought together 45 attendees from across the UK, Europe and beyond to critically engage with issues around freedom.

Through a series of lectures, seminars and breakout workshops, attendees revisited historical ideals and key thinkers from the Classical world to the Age of Enlightenment. And in addition to grappling with longstanding issues of liberty, individual autonomy and self-determination, sessions gave attendees the opportunity to engage intellectually with key contemporary debates ranging from threats to religious freedom to the implications of genetics for notions of free will, from assessing if the contemporary digital world is a threat or opportunity for liberty to whether women’s liberation is helped or hindered by #MeToo. Living Freedom not only aimed to provide plenty of opportunity for challenging discussion but to put a marker down for re-making the case for freedom in the 21st century.

CIEE’s Bloomsbury based study centre proved not only the perfect venue, but an inspirational location just a stone’s throw away from the central London lecture halls and debating clubs where luminaries such as JS Mill developed their renowned ideas on liberty" (Alastair Donald, Associate Director -  Academy of Ideas)